Kapci Coatings is proud to announce its sponsorship of Ibrahim Badawi, the talented Egyptian driver set to compete in the 2024 Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe Championship. The signing ceremony of the sponsorship contract took place amidst grandeur and significance at Kapci’s factory in Port Said. This pivotal moment, accompanied by a press conference, solidified Kapci’s commitment to supporting Ibrahim Badawi and the ERT team, further enhancing their partnership.

The ceremony was graced by notable figures, including Ibrahim Badawi himself, alongside his father Captain Mohammed Badawi, team manager Mr. Madhat Badawi, Mr. Mohammed Jamal Badawi, and engineer Ahmed Hamada. Also in attendance were distinguished members of Kapci’s board of directors, Mr. Amr Elsayed and Eng. Lotfy Elbadrawy, along with department heads, and honored guests. Renowned rally racer and presenter Tamer Bashir from “Doos Banzene” program on Al-Nahar Channel provided media coverage, highlighting the significance of the event.

This sponsorship not only demonstrates Kapci’s dedication to nurturing young talent but also reinforces its commitment to excellence in motorsports. By supporting Ibrahim Badawi and the ERT team, Kapci aims to foster a culture of achievement and success in the competitive arena of motorsport.

In addition to the sponsorship agreement, Kapci hosted a celebratory Iftar for ERT team members, Kapci’s board of directors, and employees at the Heroes of Kapci restaurant within the factory premises. This gathering not only marked the beginning of a promising partnership but also showcased Kapci’s unwavering dedication to fostering talent and driving forward the aspirations of athletes like Ibrahim Badawi.

As Kapci continues to solidify its position as a key supporter of sporting endeavors, particularly in the realm of motorsports, it remains committed to empowering individuals like Ibrahim Badawi to excel on both local and international stages. This partnership signifies a new chapter in the journey of both Kapci and Ibrahim Badawi, one filled with promise, excitement, and the pursuit of excellence.