Kapci Coatings was founded in 1985, as Kantara Paints and Chemical Industries. The founders of the company are Eng.  Mohamed El-Sayed and Eng. Hassan EI-Badrawy. The company was reincorporated to its present structure and name Kapci Coatings in 2002. From the inception of our business, we have continued to advance in the provision of service and quality products. Our approach over the past 3 decades has been customer centric and we continuously endeavor to develop sustainable solutions for our customers.


Through sustainable growth, in 1999 Kapci developed basecoat systems that are not only versatile but match all color requirements of the bodyshops and repair centers. The Kapcibase and Kapcicryl system was designed to provide excellent colour matching and has brought extraordinary solutions in the Car Refinish industry globally. With its Pearlescent, Metallic, Solid and Magic Colour toners, Kapci basecoats and 2K paints are easy to use and have very excellent coverage and durability.


In 2002 the company officially opened its new 200,000 square meter production facility in Port Said and changed its name from Kantara Paints and Chemical Industries to Kapci Coatings. One of our core strengths, and the main reason behind our longevity we believe, is our progressive approach to custom-made car refinish solutions, whether that’s in solvent based basecoats, water based basecoats, modifications, or 2K coatings. As a result, we have enjoyed long-standing relations with our partners and suppliers in reaching this milestone in our existence as company.


Kapci DIMA, full water based color mixing system was developed in 2008 to meet all standards and benefits of switching to waterborne. DIMA paints have the ability to protect vehicles against acid rain, severe weather, and UV radiation. The technological transition brought about by these coatings has prompted Kapci to develop these products from scratch. We make use of brand-new technologies, which, in turn, lead to the development of products with an array of advantages to all parties. DIMA provides a less odor working environment as it uses a reducer when thinning, mixed at a ratio of 100% DIMA base to 30% of the reducer.


To successfully implement training and development goals we opened our state of the art training center in 2009. The training center which is fully equipped with all coatings equipment hosts, more than 1000 of our local and international clients per year for training in Car Refinish, Wood Finishes and Decorative products.


In extension of our global presence we officially opened our 50000 square meter production facility in Bangalore India in 2018, to provide convenience to the Indian and Asian markets.


In 2021, Kapci Coatings has demonstrated its technological prowess and ingenuity, by developing PRIMA, a new range of Car Refinish products designed to take a step higher in terms of quality, robustness and primacy. Primabase 8700 Basecoat system is a solvent based basecoat mixing system that includes 67 solid colour basecoats, metallic basecoats, pearlescent and special effects basecoats. Primacryl 8600, comprising of 19 toners, is a 2K acrylic mixing system for repainting of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The two component Acrylic system has extensive non-yellowing and good weathering performance properties

Our Vision

In a highly competitive and rapidly developing market relying on research and technology, our vision is to be the market leader in Egypt for our full range of products and to become a global player in the field of car refinish paints.

Our Mission

We seek to transform the world into a better world. In our pursuit of technological advancement and paint innovation, we are focused on customers, governed by honor and honesty, driven by research and technology and moved by the inherent order and beauty of nature.


Automotive Refinish

Automotive refinishing requires highly specialized and quality products. At Kapci Coatings we continue to develop car refinish products that are highly innovative.

Wood Coatings

Our wood range is specially formulated for curing, beautifying and protecting of wood surfaces. We understand how expensive and valuable wood products can be

Decorative Paints

Our decorative range is used in decorating, protecting and enhancing durability in all architectural applications, wood, metal, PVC and plastic substrates.


KAPCI Coatings And Sun Chemical offers a broad ink and coating product portfolio with a wide range of capabilities that include flexographic packaging inks


Alkyd resins are considered as those which results from the polycondensation of polyols with poly acids and will be modified with fatty acids or oils of natural or synthetic origin,


ISO 9001-2015 certified for quality management systems.

ISO 14001-2015 certified for Environmental Management System.

Laboratories are ISO 17025 certified

ISO 45001-2018 certified for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

A Level Environmental Performance From Egyptian Organization For Stadardization And Quality

The Environment

Yoga takes you into the present moment. The only place where life exists.

Our philosophy is, our environment is the source of inputs and livelihood and therefore, we recognize the importance of protecting the environment. Our business has an effect on society and the surroundings consequently we have formulated and developed solutions that are “Earth Friendly”

Our Commitment to Safeguard our Environment and the Community

Yoga takes you into the present moment. The only place where life exists.

  • We abide by the laws and regulations pertaining to the environment and documentation of requirements.
  • Our environmental management system is structured according to ISO 14001:2015 Certification to prevent any pollution and reduce stress to the environment.
  • We promote the reduction of material and energy waste, involved with our business.


Girl Child Institute

Kapci association, through its full sponsorship of the home for underage girls, takes care of all its cases of orphans, children of unknown parentage, and social cases resulting from divorce or imprisonment of one or both parents, and provides them with full care, including sleep, food, clothing, health, education and psychological rehabilitation until their marriage. the association has equipped and married a number of 44 girls so far.

Old People's Nursing Home

KAPCI Association for Development and Social Services has constructed and equipped a shelter and care home for the elderly on an area of 750 square meters that can accommodate 200 elderly people at present, and in the future will be able to accommodate 400 elderly people.

57357 Hospital Foundation


Covid 19 Activities

2020 Was A Difficult Year For Business And Consequently For Our Community That We Operate In. Kapci Coatings Became One Of The Companies Donating Ventilators, Along With Mobile Radiology Equipment, Feeding Pumps And Ventilator Accessories, To Help Care For Covid Patients. The Company Also Made Donations Of Ppe Equipment Directly To Hospitals That Had Been Identified As Care Hospitals By The Government In The Fight Against The Pandemic.

Social services

Kapci association, within the framework of its community services, allocates an amount of 25 million pounds annually, which is disbursed as monthly subsidies for the families of orphans, divorced women, families of prisoners, debtors, patients with chronic diseases, and to support the marriage of the children of these families.

Other Activities

• Donating the construction of the school complex of Engineer/ Mohamed El-Sayed and Engineer/ Hassan El-Badrawy (primary nursery, preparatory and secondary). • Constructing the Kapci sports club, which includes all sports to serve the people of the neighboring areas. • The association donated the construction of three mosques in Al-Hurriya and Damietta governorates, and the last of them was in Al-Qabouti Al-Jadeed, which was recently opened by the Minister of Al-Awqaf.