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Kapci Color Tools

Variant Color Box

The kapci variant system is made up of color boxes with 120 color swatches, totaling 9,000 colors. The comprehensive system can be used to retrieve over 35000 colours. The front of the swatch cards shows the colour as a spray out and the back features the colour code.

International Color Box

In situations where a user does not have a manufacturers color code the KAPCI Color Guide comes in handy in quickly identifying and selecting the correct color family. The system covers the whole spectrum for matching of over 4 000 solid, metallic and pearlescent colors.

Color book guide

In situations where a user does not have a manufacturer’s color code the KAPCI Color Guide comes in handy in quickly identifying and selecting the correct color family. The system covers the whole spectrum for matching of over 4 000 solid, metallic and pearlescent colors. Covering the entire color spectrum, the system provides the correct color match in the shortest possible time.


The KAPCI BLINK 5A is a compact and easy- to-use multi-angle spectrophotometer with five standard measuring angles that allow you to accurately evaluate and control solid colors, pearl colors, metallic colors and finishes with special effects. Thanks to its strategically located optical components, it can be accurately positioned even at difficult intersections. In addition, it is so light that it can be used with just one hand. The KAPCI BLINK 5A is an economic instrument that provides practical data to drive the improvement of current processes, while ensuring color harmony. The device is compatible with all Kapci colour solutions and you can integrate it perfectly with your current color quality control processes with virtually no downtime.

Why choose KAPCI BLINK 5A?

• Minimizes user fatigue thanks to the fact that it is 50% lighter and more compact than any other five-angle device and can easily be used with just one hand.
• It has LED indicators that ensure correct alignment when working with flexible or irregular samples.
• Take quick measurements in approximately 2.5 seconds and capture multiple data points when scheduled for automated tasks.
• It includes green and red lights that indicate whether the result is within or outside the tolerance range, respectively, which allows an error-free analysis. It includes a base that allows you to connect the device in a practical way to a PC and charge it.

Kapci Blink 12A&C

KAPCI Coatings is proud to introduce the most powerful and advanced Spectrophotometer ever, KAPCIBlink® 12A&C. The new device has 12 angles for measurement, precise readings, automatic internal calibration, real-time monitoring, Intuitive Interface, video targeting system for accurate positioning and Wi-Fi technology for wireless communication. contact your Agent to order KAPCIBlink® 12A&C.

Kapci color search

& correct softwar

To navigate the color library, kapci offers search and correction software for quick access to the correct formula to match each color, providing best of its kind color retrieval options.

kapsi includes the latest technology that allows connection to all smart devices as well as mixing and recall via touch screens, in addition to a full-featured system for paint management software and the best kapsi-Blink spectrophotometer.

By using the search and correction system, the user can connect the kapsi-blink after taking a measurement using a spectrophotometer, and this transfer the reading to the program. If the color does not match, a correction can be made to the software using the research and correction license provided with the software.

And It is equipped with an easy to use interface that provides:

* All formulas car manufacture colors and their variants.
* Color Information (Description – Packaging).
* color guide.
* Online kapsi Color Guide Updates.
* Stores Management.
* connect to electronic scales.
* Detailed reports on material stock, user management and ordering procedures.

Kapci smartmix App   

Car Refinish color retrieval has gone mobile with KAPCI Coatings” newest system SmartMix. Color Online Mobile brings the convenience of the car color search and paint mixing to your Android Phone. The service is web based and available free of charge at all the times. KAPCI Coatings Car Refinishes site has been delivering online solutions to KAPCI Coatings customers since 2004, draws on the most complete database of car colors available, and is updated every two weeks. That means that you have access to the very latest formulas for the full range of KAPCI Coatings Car Refinishes products straight from the mobile phone in your palm of hand.

It works with Android Phones that connect to the internet. With SmartMix Online Mobile, it’s no longer necessary to request formula information from a laptop or desktop. All the customer needs to do is to enter simple, straightforward search criteria (such as make, year, color code and/ or color group) via Android Phone the web site provides the formula for a perfect color match.

– SmartMix will work on Android Phone.
– Free car color search! Search on 120000+ car colors in our online database.
– Search car color by manufacturer, car color code or color group.
– Choose you preferred color.
– Adjust amounts of paint to mix based on your preference.
– Automatically convert car paint mix amounts from weight to volume and vice versa.
– Check the various versions of the color formula.
– Mix car paint cumulative or absolute.

Download Smart Mix App