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Kapci Coatings offers a wide variety of Decorative Paints under the Latico brand and includes, Alkyd Paints, Emulsions, Universal colourants, Sealers, Wall Putty and Texture Paints.  Latico decorative coatings are used in different applications that include architectural installations, metal, wood, plastic and other material profiles. A range of coating colorants is also available which offers the customer well suited choices in terms of colour and textures

Gloss enamel
is air drying gloss enamel suitable for all applications over metal, wood and walls.
Matt enamel
 Flat enamel with fast drying and high hiding power properties. It is characterized by its…

priming coat based on modified acrylic, especially designed for concrete, cement, plaster, bricks and stones,…
Water Based putty
 is waterborne putty based on vinyl-acrylic copolymer. It is used to eliminate surface imperfections over new and old cement or…
Matt Topcoat
is matt topcoat based on modified acrylic emulsion with good hiding power and whiteness. It is used for interior surfaces…
Elastomeric topcoat
is an attractive elastomeric topcoat based on acrylic emulsion for interior and exterior surfaces. It is high…
Water Based clearcoat
is waterborne transparent clear coat based on modified acrylic emulsion. It is recommended for both interior and..
Universal colorants
Super Latico Colorants are universal colorants designed for use in Latico mixing system.

Marble Adhesive
is a two-component unsaturated polyester Marble Glue based it is quick drying adhesive system
specially formulated for fixing…

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Kapci Coatings offers a wide

variety of Decorative Paints

under the Kapci brand and

includes, Alkyd Paints,

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