Kapci has expanded its corporate office in the UAE. The office located in Jebel Ali now houses a Kapci Global Sales Center which will provide service to the company’s operations in the GCC region. The office enables Kapci to integrate its corporate office and its HQ’s business functions within a single office leading to improve efficiency and business process management. The expansion follows Kapci’s launch of its global expansion programs that begun in 2018 when the company officially opened its India production facility. “We are very excited to see another significant investment to support our future growth in the GCC region,” said Khaled Sorour, Senior International Business Manager. “The presence of Kapci in the Middle East as a whole has been designed with Kapci’s expansion goals in mind and enables our company to showcase its commitment to both long-term growth and customer support in the market.” Kapci’s business in the Middle East serves customers in the refinish and industrial sectors of the economy. “As a key emerging market, the GCC continues to be a focal point in Kapci’s growth plans in the Middle East region. With our expansion of the corporate office, Kapci has taken the next step in establishing itself as a leading coatings supplier in the Middle East to better meet the future requirements of its customers,” Khaled added.