On 9 June, the Vietnam Ambassador to Egypt, Ambassador Nguyen Hoi Dong accompanied by Embassy staff, visited Kapci Coating facility in Port Said to meet with the CEO and owner Eng. Mohamed El Sayed. Eng. Mohamed took the delegation on a tour of the factory which has state of the art machinery and a dedicated staff complement of 1700. He highlighted the company’s growth over the 36 Years of its existence and as a key note he gave an update on the progress the company has made in setting up strategic partnerships in Vietnam and Asia as a whole. The CEO further expressed KAPCI Coatings plans to expand its existing operations in Egypt and outside Egypt, with the hope of increased cordial relationships between Kapci and its Vietnam customers. “Provision of quality products and services, has driven us to make significant strides in providing solutions to the ever-changing global requirements and challenges in the coatings industry. We continue to be committed to providing convenience through efficient logistics operations and conveniently placed production facilities, whilst maintaining highly competitive pricing.” Said Eng. Mohamed El Sayed. The Ambassador validated her commitment is supporting all initiatives for business and investments from Kapci Coatings.