Today businesses are now investing on a large scale in the automation of their operations the with innovative software that has been launched over the past decade. Kapci Coatings made huge strides in digital transformation of customer experience by engaging SAP in setting up the SAP-CRM. The innovative software has been described as a tool to “exceed expectations and achieve business goals.” Mr. Amr El Sayed, the Commercial Director of Kapci Coatings, believes it will be a game-changer for customer engagement in how it can target customers and can increase response rates. “We are excited to transform our customer engagement and communication through this highly innovative platform from SAP. We have seen our response rates to our customers and digital marketing campaigns increase by up to 80%, and we are hoping to continue enjoying similar results.” Kapci Coatings has been using SAP as an ERP for more than 15 years and has built a success story around it. The launching ceremony was held at the Kapci Coatings head office in Port Said Egypt. The event was hosted by agents from SAP and in attendance was the CEO for Kapci Eng. Mohamed El Sayed.